Marathon Values

By in blogs on January 18, 2016

Running to promote the cause of

Dear friends,

Like previous years, a contingent of Ruchi Soya will participate in the ‘13th Standard Charted
Mumbai Marathon’. We ran together to promote the cause of fitness and sustainability. These
values have been an intrinsic part of all our endeavors since initiation. However many among us
were not convinced with the idea of running for a cause and how it can bring about a change in
perceptions of people at large.

The idea of Marathon is synonymous with commitment. Unlike sprints that are driven by
sudden outburst of power, a marathon feat is impossible without physical and mental
toughness. Overcoming one’s mental inhibitions is perhaps the most difficult challenge in
completing the marathon. ‘Dream run’ is an opportunity to all of us to get better of all the mental
and physical anxieties and achieve focus that’s rewarding even outside the ambit of physical
fitness. It won’t be an overstatement to say that skills required to complete a Marathon are not
different from values that drive us to success in our day-to-day lives. Isn’t focus, persistence,
commitment the values we try to inculcate in ourselves regularly? I am sure, that rising early
and being a part of a ‘collective resolve’ was far more rewarding than the typical weekend


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