Creating a ‘Green Gold’ asset today…

By in blogs on March 1, 2016



Green Gold day has been a key commemoration for entire
Ruchi family for decades now. Every year on 22nd Feb,
Ruchiites across the world plant thousands of saplings. The
entire exercise has created a huge amount of social capital
across our facilities. Lets try to understand the entire process
with a modern utilitarian approach.
There are some clear known benefits of planting trees; from
emitting oxygen to creating precious food and biomass. The
utilities of trees are practically unlimited. However many
among us find it more suitable to create Wi-Fi hotspots
instead of green zones in our living and work spaces. Since
most of the benefits of planting trees are ‘Public’ not many
among us are genuinely interested in the entire exercise.
Trees must be raised since they have something unique
about them. They give us an opportunity to ‘grow’ as
Individuals; don’t you think the entire point of growing in life
is having the ability to rise above our selfishness and
develop a capacity to change things. Trees give us an
opportunity to feel greater than our individual self. Many of
us have experienced the joy of raising children; raising a tree
and experiencing it thriving development is the closest we
can get to enjoy the ecstasy almost regularly.
Man is a social creature. Its survival is impossible without the
availability of a suitable habitat. Success of mankind can be
credited to our work for the benefit of the society. For ages
humanity has tried to preserve its best for coming
generations, and strive for the ‘general good’. As Individuals
we all have treasured possessions and fond memories.  But
our fondest memories are mostly from our childhood; the joy
we experienced plucking flowers or finding random fruits was
one of the highlights, at least in my case.
It is our responsibility to not deprive our children from
experiencing the true ‘joy’ of childhood. On Green Gold day
we try to create a world that is not fenced and pleasures,
which are not private.

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