Rejuvenation on 60th Foundation year!

By in blogs on February 5, 2016


Our 60 th Foundation day was a milestone in company’s long and illustrious journey of evolution.

In these years, Ruchi has not just survived but ‘thrived’ amidst neck breaking competition.Ruchi Soya today is not just the largest food and agro-processing company in India but also among the fastest growing FMCG company in the world. as per recent studies.We owe this thumping success to the entire ‘Ruchi Family’ .I call this organization a ‘family’ because it’s core competence comes from a winning combination of youthful energy and mindful experience.Without the commitment,hard work and faith of all Ruchiites, our achievements would not have been possible


Argument for Success.

On our 60th foundation day it is important to have a re-look at our core strengths and shortcoming.As India’s largest food company, we have repeatedly created opportunities of growth for ourselves, even in the face of challenge.Our flexibility and capability to adore challenges has helped us rise to the ‘number one’ position in all most all the businesses we’ve been involved in.

To achieve this we have never shied away from taking risks.

Our confidence to take risk comes from our immense faith in our capability to bounce back even in most unfavourable positions

Our values,our hard-work and persistence have always helped us bounced back even when experts dismissed us as the ‘underdog’

From Soybean to Palm to Guar gum, we have repeatedly silenced our critics, not by our words but actions

Our foray in brands too has created new avenues for inspiring growth of the company. Nutrela, Mahakosh Sunrich, Ruchi Gold have become household names in almost all corners of our country.

Future Scenario

International Economy is experiencing perhaps the most difficult recession of this century.India today is the brightest spot in the global economy.Rising incomes, demographic dividend, local demand and stable economy make India’s fundamentals strong. No wonder India today is the fastest growing, among large economies of the world. Ruchi Soya, India’s largest food and Agri-processing company, is thus poised to grow at unprecedented levels in the coming decade.

Glimpses of this year’s celebration.

The highlight of this year’s celebration were the discourses of Swami Sukhbodhananda. By narrating simple stories and incidents he helped the audiences decipher perhaps the most complicated existential issues, humanity has come across.His experiences where based on the solid foundation of ‘age-old’ Indian wisdom. It thus provided positive reinforcement to the audiences almost instantly.

Cultural program and entertainment items where also relished by one and all: some images of the world-class performances…

Foundation Day is also the occasion for rewarding veteran ruchiites who’ve served Ruchi Soya for more than 25 years.

The commitment, capacity and the capability of Ruchiites was amply evident in this year’s celebrations. This reaffirmed my belief that our best is ahead of us.

As India’s largest food and Agro-processing company, we can outmatch six decades of our past progress in upcoming 10 years

For that we’ll have to evolve like a leaner and meaner athlete, who’s focused on nothing but winning the race.

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