India is wold’s largest consumer and producer of pulses, Further expansion of #pulses cultivation can mitigate…

Around the world 1.4 billion hectares of land is used to produce food which is ultimately wasted; an area greater than China #StopFoodWaste

RT @narendramodi: साधारण फीचर फोन से भी पैसों का लेन-देन मुमकिन है।

RT @CMOMaharashtra: CM @Dev_Fadnavis met Mr Chung-Kwang Tien, representative Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre in India.…

For ensuring #NutritionalSecurity it is important to make healthy diet affordable to all #soybeans

RT @PMOIndia: Now is the time for e-wallets and e-banking.

#soybeans can play a vital role in dealing with Macro-nutrient deficiency in our country #India #nutritionalsecurity

Avoiding food wastage is the most effective way to conserve depleting fresh water resources. #FoodSecurity

#Leaders are defined by their clarity of thoughts and committment for execution. Kudos to @narendramodi for his bold move…#MannKiBaat