A well deserved victory for West Indies; #Cricket grows with such excellent contest. #IndvsWI

China’s #agriculture GDP grew by 7% and Farmer’s income by 14% in 80’s This directly contributed in halving the poverty in just 6 years.

RT @PMOIndia: Revitalising the rural economy and transforming our villages. #TransformingIndia https://t.co/pTn8SEvLrP

Agriculture reforms are the most effective way to fight poverty. #sustainability https://t.co/JlbEEpBQZf

@nsitharaman @EconomicTimes Welcome move! Will pave for sustainable development of export driven #agriculture #sustainability

With better access to Capital and Innovation, #Indian farmers have the potential to emerge as world leaders. #agriculture

Resurrection of Christ will always inspire humanity to strive for lasting prosperity and peace Happy Easter! https://t.co/cY84d29Usc

The global response to climate change today will determine how we feed future generations tomorrow. #sustainability #foodsecurity

Courage and faith in the righteous can overcome all adversity. #GoodFriday https://t.co/h8Alb4FG0y

RT @HarvardChanSPH: Tuberculosis has been curable and preventable since the 1950s, but still kills 1.5 million people a year https://t.co/T…